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Ambassador Hotel, Dubai: Luxury Redefined

Ambassador Hotel in Dubai is a happening place for tourists and this hotel has, over the past few years, garnered immense popularity amongst tourists. This hotel overlooks the famous old markets of Dubai and happens to be one of the most primeval hotels based in that locality. Ambassador Hotel is known for its supreme hospitality and class of service which has been acknowledged by plethora of customers over the past few decades. Ambassador Hotel has basically set a benchmark for its compatriot hotels in the vicinity and happens to be one of the most famous hotels in Dubai.

Perfect topographical location

One of the most primitive customer-attracting aspects of Ambassador Hotel is its location.. The ambassador hotel is located adjacent to the old but very popular market of Dubai and this makes the Hotel a perfect place to stay since its location is ideal for those who wish to shop during their trip to Dubai.

Spacious exquisite rooms

The rooms in Ambassador Hotel will certainly strike a chord with all tastes of people. For those who are looking for business suites, Ambassador Hotel has the perfect suites available and along with that, standard rooms are also available at reasonable prices. Furthermore, Ambassador Hotel happens to have an assortment of interior designers who renovate and give a new outlook to the rooms from time to time in order to give a perfectly alluring and rejuvenating ambience to the guests.

Features to ponder in Ambassador Hotel

All sorts of facilities have been included in the rooms in order to make sure that the guests are comfortable. The entire hotel is bound by wireless internet connectivity and the signal is strong across all corners of the hotel. There are no compromises regarding the supply of water and all the bathrooms are cleaned on a regular basis by out-and-out house-keeping staff.

Additionally, a business hub has been provided for business to organize meetings and this business centre is available to the customers 24x7. Business conferences keep on taking place in Ambassador Hotel on a frequent basis and facilities such as video conferencing are available for the same.

Dining Facilities

The Hotel has three elite and popular restaurants inside the premises of Ambassador Hotel which are known for its food and delicacies. Pancho Villa happens to be one of the most popular nightclubs in that area and it is open throughout the night. For American tourists, TGI Thursday is perfect since the ambience inside it is in sync with the flavours of America. Other alternatives for eating can be Sur Sangam and The Curry House out of which, Curry House happens to be a well-known multi-cuisine restaurant. Sur Sangam on the other hand serves Indian cuisine and is very popular among Indians.

Other arrangements

Ambassador Hotel staff ascertains that the guests live a king-size life and hence arrange leisure activities exclusively for tourists. These activities can range from Desert Safari, Squash, Ice-Skating, Mountain hiking, Water skiing, Bowling and Creek Cruise.

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